This site introduces Amami Oshima in Japan, which is about to be registered as a World Natural Heritage Site, with videos.

Enjoy Amami Oshima!

Enjoy Amami Oshima! japan_kagoshima

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This site is a collection of videos introducing Amami Oshima in Japan.
Here, you can see videos about sightseeing spots, directions, and other videos.
I think these videos will be helpful for those who visit Amami Oshima for the first time.


  • Registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site[2021/7/26]

    Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, northern Okinawa Island and Iriomote Island have been officially registered as UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites today.This is the fifth case in Japan (after Shirakami Mountains, Yakushima, Shiretoko, and Ogasawara Islands).

  • Amami Oshima Agina beach

    It is a sunrise view of the Agina coast in Setouchi Town, in the southern part of Amami Oshima.Agina Beach is about an hour's drive south of Naze City on Amami Oshima.

  • Arangachi waterfall

    Arangachi waterfall is located in Uken village. Uken Village is located in the southwestern part of Amami Oshima. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from downtown Naze (Amami city). This waterfall is a short drive away. There are no difficult mountain trails. You can see the waterfall in about 3 minutes after getting off the car. It's a healing spot.

  • Honohoshi beach

    Honohoshi beach is located in the southeastern part of Amami Oshima. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from downtown Naze. The beach is covered with round stones. Every time a wave comes, the round stones roll and make a pleasant sound. You will surely be healed in this place.

  • Drive from downtown Naze to Koniya

    This is a video that guides you from Naze, which is the center of Amami Oshima, to Koniya, which is the center of the south. This route takes about an hour by car. You can easily reach Knoya by driving south on Route 58.

  • Drive to Nishikomi, the westernmost point of Amami Oshima.

    This is a video that guides you from Koniya in the southern part of Amami Oshima to Nishikomi, the westernmost point.It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car.Nishikomi is a place where you can see a superb view. We recommend driving on a sunny day.

  • Heart-shaped rock

    It takes about 20 minutes by car from Amami Airport to reach the heart-shaped rock. It's a rock on the beach, so I recommend you go there during low tide. The rock appears during low tide. This video introduces an easy-to-understand route.

  • Drive from Koniya to Yadori beach(Honohoshi beach)

    This video provides directions from Koniya in the southern part of Amami Oshima to Yadori beach (Honohoshi beach). It takes about 20 minutes by car. Yadori beach has toilets and showers. You can enjoy swimming on this beach. The famous tourist spot, Honohoshi beach, is also nearby.

  • Mud lobster in Amami Oshima Island

    This is an introduction to Mad lobster, which lives in Amami and Okinawa.This Mad lobster creates a large burrow (it is said to have a maximum height of 3m and a depth of 2m). And they are said to contribute to the survival of other creatures (animals and plants) by carrying the nutrient mud in the ground to the surface of the earth.

  • Drive route through deep forest / Amami Oshima Sumiyocho in Japan

    This video is a course that goes south on Route 58 and drives the old road in the role of Sumiyocho.A beautiful river runs along the road. It is a route that heals in nature.

  • Sakibaru Beach with white sand, north of Amami Oshima

    A little-known beach in Kasari-cho, Amami Oshima.Although it is small, it has a shower, toilet and parking lot. It is a very beautiful beach.

  • Amami Oshima's largest heritiera littoralis, giant buttress root

    I think there are some giant trees of Heritiera littoralis on Amami Oshima, but among them, the largest one is here (root height about 140 cm).It is a tree in Susare, Setouchi Town. Even if you don't know how to get there, you can go by watching this video.

  • Nishikomi Konpira Shrine, the most southwestern shrine of Amami Oshima

    A shrine in the Nishikomi village that once flourished with bonito fishing.It is a shrine that has been watching over the safety at sea, but it seems that festivals (mainly sumo tournaments) of this shrine were also popular before.It is located in a small high place, and the view from here is good, so you can enjoy it as an observatory.

  • Mangrove forest promenade that can be reached in 5 minutes from Route 58

    Although this promenade is located along Route 58, it is a promenade that is unexpectedly unknown. There is an explanation of the location in the video, so please refer to this when you go.We recommend the high tide time. As the tide rises to the area around the promenade, you can feel the atmosphere of a mangrove forest.

  • Drive to see the sunrise in Isu Bay in Amami Oshima,Japan

    The place is Isu Bay in Setouchi Town in the southern part of Amami Oshima. If you go south on Route 58, you will arrive at the village of Agina. From Agina, take the coastline road and continue on that road. The route is a great place to see the rising sun.

  • Like a private beach,Shirahama Beach in Amami Oshima

    This is an introduction video of the Shirahama beach in the southern part of Amami Oshima.You can relax here like a private beach.

  • Setozaki Lighthouse / Amami Oshima,Near the town of Koniya(Setouchi town)

    This place is a lighthouse that can be reached immediately from the town of Koniya on Amami Oshima. The view is good, and you can see Kakeromajima from here. And it is a place where you can relax.

  • The best view!Togura Headland,Aminoko,Amami Oshima

    It is a superb view point that can be reached in just 3 minutes from the Aminoko Tunnel on Route 58.Just below the road, you can see the "Crystal Rock" that I named (named 2022/1/19).

  • The moment a snake preys on a frog

    I explored the gutter in the forest of Amami Oshima at midnight.There were many wildlife such as venomous snakes, frogs and newts.Especially the scene where a poisonous snake preys on a frog is a powerful image.

  • Deep forest drive in Setouchi Town,Amami Oshima

    This is a guide to the route through the deep forest of Amami Oshima.It is a little-known route, but you can see many ferns such as flying spider-monkeys.It can also be used as a shortcut to Naze and Nishikomi.

  • I met Amami Park's Amajii! Amami dialect, Kenmun storys

    It's been a while since I met "Amajii" at a facility that introduces Amami (there is also the Tanaka Isson Museum) near Amami Airport!This video introduces the story of Amami's Kenmun (a monster like a kappa) that Amajii tells in the Amami dialect.

  • Drive to Kouchiyama Observatory in Amami Oshima

    This video is an introduction video of Kochiyama Observatory in Setouchi Town, the southern part of Amami Oshima.It's an observatory that can be reached in about 10 minutes from Route 58, but it's a wonderful view.

  • Super healing spot "Katoku beach"Amami Oshima

    Introducing Katoku Beach in Setouchi Town, the southern part of Amami Oshima.It is the ultimate healing spot covered by a wide sandy beach.

  • Akamata invades the house! A snake that is useful to people

    Akamata (a large one that is about 2m long), which is said to eat a hub, was found in my house!This snake is non-toxic, and it is a useful snake because it exterminates the hubu snake.

  • The giant hornet occupies another beehive!

    Tokuri bee that does not harm humans (creates a tokuri-like nest).A completely different bee, the giant hornet, appeared from the nest! !! why!?


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